Wedding Ring And Fashion: 2017 Style Guide for Weddings

It’s possible that the most exciting thing about weddings is choosing out the perfect wedding dress, wedding ring and attire for the bride and bridesmaids. There are so many things to take into consideration. What will match well with the wedding ring? What will make all of the bridesmaids look and feel great? Should the bride wear… read more

Last Minute Tips for your Fall Wedding

It seems like just yesterday you received the wedding ring of your dreams. There’s no time to waste, it’s time to start thinking about tying up loose ends and focusing on the small details before your big day! Fall weddings are beautiful, but there are many things that can get swept under the rug. It’s… read more

Current trends of wedding bands in 2014

About wedding bands The specific types of rings are bands worn by both men and women. When during wedding men wear the bands for that particular especial occasion which occurs once in a lifetime so its purpose and symbolism is far-fetched. In case of the wedding bands they need to be comfortable, durable and hypoallergenic… read more

Wedding rings of the stars

The media and fans scrutinize the lives of the stars. They rule the columns of gossips and the airwaves equally to satisfy the public minds. In any case these celebrities big become a big news in any small happenings of their lives. One such thing is the wedding rings which if flashed before public would… read more

The History Of Engagement Rings

One should know that historical significance of engagement rings is like that of the Schrodinger’s Cat. Some believe it to be significant while others believe it to be insignificant. So whenever one thinks of engagement rings he or she should know what message it conveys and what one is doing by buying engagement rings. Now… read more

Modern necklace designs for fun and fabulous gifts

Modern necklaces stand out of the jewelry crowd. The gigantic engagement rings do not satisfy the women folk anymore. Rather they are more interested to have something, which would define something of their personal style. As a result, they choose the necklace, which draws attention to their neckline. Diamond necklaces bring an element of status… read more

How to choose the wedding ring for your spouse

Wedding rings hold a special status to all young women on earth. Nowadays the wedding bands outrank the wedding rings in many respects. The rings are preferable to many women because they are the tangible symbol of commitment and love. Now to have the perfect wedding ring for your spouse you need to choose high… read more